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Vince A

Did you mean Raspberry Pi for RSP Pi?

Try in the classifieds section and your local thrift shop/donation center for used computer items.  ( If your church orientated you could go to that resource for help too? I am pretty sure if you look around and ask for old used computer hardware you'll find what you need to finish your setup. Because there are many* that simply upgrade their computer equipment? Also if you're on Facebook and belong to a Ham radio group, I'm sure you get some attention there asking for help? It just takes getting creative and thinking out of the box...
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Thank you for your reply...

On Fri, Aug 23, 2019 at 5:31 PM Randy Davenport ka4nma <pastor.spaceboy@...> wrote:
New to the PI world. I would like to have a RSP pi for digital modes. I already have a signalink USB with sound card. Screen and keyboard is needed. I am disabled and low income. Do you have any extra pi or pi accessories you can share with me? Any help appreciated.

Randy ka4nma

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