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I know the feeling Don!
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Thank you for your reply...

On Fri, Aug 23, 2019 at 10:23 AM Don - KM4UDX <dontAy155@...> wrote:
Hello!  Totally new to Pi world. I helping fellow ham set up Pi4 to run fldigi and Wsjtx controlling a KX2 into a 80-10  OCFD antenna.

My plan is to try and load Rasbian then figure out how to install wsjtx/fldigi.  Is there  something like a "software center" in rasbian where I search for the two apps, then download the packages and click to install? Is this how it works?

Sorry for being sort of cluess here. I have worked with Ubuntu/atomicPi/uBITX, but never rasbian/Rpi4/KX2. So this new stuff   make my palms clammy. Especially with someones else gear. Whannn.

Also, it looks like the Rpi4 doesn't have a RTC, which not an issue  if you boot on the network and it picks up the smpt time.  True?

Plan to use an external USB sound card for audio I/O.

The KX2 has a separate USB cat cable that does the PPT and freq change, etc. when hooked up to a win10 laptop.  Does the RPi4 work the same way? We just use the cat control cable between the Rpi4 and the KX2? 

I think I know how to configure wsjtx/fldigi once they come up... fingers crossed. 

Thank you for any help!!!


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