Need help with a TNC-Pi programming and other items off-topic

Vince A

I just purchased a TNC-Pi kit from Coastal Chipworks. I need help programming the software. I have download Rasbian full version and could get that on a micro SD card okay. I got the build/components okay, no problem there. I am hoping some generous people here that can help a nOOb. Where do I start?. But I need to know what to do? Have you done something like this and could step me though?
My objectives are:
APRS, PI-Gate, WIFI, 5 or 6-inch touch screen to work together.
I have the Raspberry Pi 3 B 2gb I think, 3amp 5v power supply and a 8gb micro HC sd card. Am I missing anything to get this booted up? I don't know Linux commands very well. But I can copy and paste and follow instructions  
Vince KD7TWW Boise idaho

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