Re: RPi3 and FT8 sound problem

Marty Hartwell


Which makes sense to me as they are different applications which both need to know

it is default for the app. No communication between then two. What might make sense

is that if there is only one sound card then it would be assumed to be the default, but

that may not be doable.

Marty kd8bj

On 7/17/19 10:18 PM, cecil moore wrote:
Just got FT8 working. For FLDigi, all I had to do was tell RPi3 Buster that the Roccat USB sound card dongle was the default sound device. But for FT8, I also had to tell WSJT-X the name of the USB sound card dongle (Roccat). Simply telling WSJT-X that the proper sound card was the default one was not enough. So, problem solved. TNX & 73, Cecil at

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