Re: Running a remote

Lewis Karriker

I also use Fldigi and Team Viewer with a pi 3+ - have had good results with contacts and remote control

Sonny - K4ARE

On 6/19/2019 10:55 AM, Daniel Holmes wrote:
I’ve done it. I gave my Dad a 3 that I’d installed Fldigi, Flrig, WSJT-X, a logger, etc on. Then I put on TeamViewer. After he got it all plugged in, I was able to connect in, then put in OpenVPN and VNC. I don’t use TeamViewer anymore, but have full control of his rig via the other programs. Works really well. I didn’t do it for me to operate his radio, it was more to be able to provide tech support, but it’ll accomplish the same goal. 


. Please pardon any mispelings or errors.

On Jun 19, 2019, at 7:22 AM, James Hertel <n6kmr@...> wrote:

Looking to run as a remote, with a Pi 3 for a friend, would there be any programs that you all are aware of that would allow a internet connection and operate a HF rig or even a TS 2000 with rig control etc.?

Have a fellow ham with restrictions ... so i can at least put him on the air here. I know you can do it with Microsoft but not wanting to run that on a large computer and since I have a Pi 3 available.... also we are solar here too.

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