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I have an instance of mumble server running on an original RPi I installed in early 2015.  It has been running constantly since then.  I have not tried on any recent versions of RPi or the recent Raspbian OS.  I do have mumble server running on an Orange Pi PC Plus with ubuntu I installed last year. 

73, Bill

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Anyone having any luck getting the mumble-server to work on the RPi? The standard stretch install using add/remove mumble-server doesn't seem to work after installation. I think the problem is that I am not able to assign the mumble audio to the mcHF audio channels on the Pi, but a web search doesn't turn up any suggestions. There appears to have been a web interface for the server setup at one time mumble-server-web but is not in the stretch packages.

I have a full complement of ham digital packages on the pi running headless with VNC, But I need audio!

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Mitch W4OA
Opelika, AL

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