Re: Odd beep tone

John G8BPQ

The TNC_Pi outputs a low tone when not transmitting. If you are hearing that on air it suggests your radio is slow at turning off the transmitter when PTT is dropped.

John G8BPQ

On 12/05/2019 19:52, J Mathieson wrote:
Finally got the bpq32.cfg configured and running.  Now I have found an odd beap tone at the end of my transmissions.  I thought it was a linbpq issue but it also happens when I run aprs.  My aprs transmissions have the same odd tone at the end.  I have checked the FT1500 and beeps are all turned off.  Since it happens with both packet programs I am wondering if there is Pi issue on a TNCpi issue.
Thanks again
John AC8JW

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