Re: bpq32.cfg

Todd Kolmodin <n7try.or@...>

Hi, if you just got the pilinbpq executable it will not create bpq32.cfg.  You will need to build one.  Please see John Wiseman's examples:
Pay specific attention to LinBbq info as the Ports section for Lin/Pi BPQ are different than Win.  A lot of the standard parameters are the same for both.
bpq32.cfg should be created in the same folder that pilinbpq resides.  
Also as mentioned if you don't have admin level when you execute pilinbpq it will give you an error on permissions.
If so, run as: sudo ./pilinbpq
If you want to start it as a service there is documentation on that as well.  From the command line:  sudo systemctl start bpq.service
That will start it in background.  To find the process:  ps -A |grep bpq
Good luck
Todd N7TRY 

On Tue, May 7, 2019 at 10:04 AM J Mathieson <ruteuser1@...> wrote:
I am setting a vhf packet station with my Pi3 and Tnc Pi wihich i have been using with YAAC for aprs.  We have more than enough digipeaters in our area and I would like to use my setup to linbpq packet.  I've installed linbpq and when I run ./linbpq it get an error message  bpq32.cfg not found error type 2.  Where do I find the bpq23.cfg file?

thanks in advance

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