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Another option, if you're looking to record audio from radios, is Svxlink and it's QsoRecorder feature.  I use it here with great success:

Yes, it's real focus is to be a fullblown repeater controller in Linux (even with built-in Echolink support) but you can simply NOT configure any of that and just configure a couple [Rx] stanzas and QsoRecorder and it will do the rest.  As for an easy to use playback program with say timestamps and auto-stitching of the various audio files into a seamless UI, I can't help you there.  I would search around the Internet with phrases like "Linux audio surveillance" and there might be some programs that offer that.


On 04/02/2019 08:45 PM, WA7SKG via Groups.Io wrote:
I am in need of a logging recorder for mobile/portable operation. I would like to do this with a RaspberryPi. Ideally, I would like to record two or three audio channels, but, at a minimum, I need one. I would need to retrieve audio fairly quickly, preferably without stopping the logging process. The logs can be in segments, i.e. a separate file for every hour or half hour. Longer periods would be acceptable, if there were some means to rapidly locate audio at a particular time. As there may be periods of silence, segments triggered by the presence of audio would be fine as well. For instance, the audio path is monitored but nothing recorded. Once audio is detected, a recording would start and continue until a specified period of silence. I envision using small USB sound dongles for the audio inputs.

This would be useful for contests, public service events, training nets, etc.

Any ideas on software and hardware would be appreciated. For instance, I'm not sure what storage media would be best for this. For now, I envision sessions rarely lasting more than 24 hours, although up to 72 hours could be a possibility. After the event, files may be archived or deleted as required to an external system. Audio only needs to be intelligible, not stereo or ultra-high fidelity.

tnx es 73,
Michael WA7SKG

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