Re: pi9k6 Winlink Pat ARDOP

Fred Cunha - K6FVC

Thanks for the help!

So here is where I am at...

pat connect telardop:///LA5NTA?freq=708000
2019/04/02 12:58:30 ft847 ready. Dial frequency is 145.390.00 MHz.
2019/04/02 12:58:30 Unable to QSY: Not supported with transport 'telardop'

pat configure...
  "connect_aliases": {
    "telnet": "telnet://{mycall}:CMSTelnet@...:8772/wl2k",
    "telardop": "telnet://{mycall}:CMSTelnet$4$k6fvc@....64:8772"

linbpq ...
Initialising Port 04     ARDOP Serial /dev/serial0

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