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Andy McMullin

OK, currently I have a couple of Pis.

One Pi is in the loft. It’s powered from a mains supply but via a UPS hat on the top in case of power failure. It has a USB SDR radio receiver connected along with a suitable antenna for 1090MHz to receive aircraft tracking information from around me in realtime, which it then shares via the in-house WiFi and so through the internet connection with FlightAware (via the PiAware software). It also has a touch screen attached but that’s hardly ever used as it’s usually controlled from another Pi downstairs (to avoid climbing into the loft). It runs 24x7 with no issues for the last couple of years.

A second one sits on my desk (in amongst the Macs and PCs). It has an HDMI-Pi screen and wireless mouse and keyboard. It’s in a case and has no UPS. Most of the time it’s just running a web browser monitoring its brother in the loft and displaying its aircraft tracking information. Sometimes it takes over from the PC running the weather software (Cumulus) that shares our weather station data with APRS, Twitter and our web site. However, it also runs WSJT-X and connects to one of the HF rigs. It is also used with VNC Viewer to control/update the Pi in the loft.

I hope this helps.

Andy, G8TQH

On 29 Mar 2019, at 12:01, Niece KA1ULN <ka1uln@...> wrote:

I am so happy to see this list of what people use their pi's for. I am going to accumulate it and put it in the files section. So people will not have to ask what you do with your pi.

So can everyone please tell us what you do with your raspberry pi.

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