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Ray Cadmus

I found his list very interesting.  While I use my PI's for more than radio it certainly makes itself useful here and there.

Some of these uses might be combined on a single pi, others may be standalone.

- support my SDRplay radio.

- ADS-B flight monitor

- fldigi conversational digital - Argonaut V

- wsjtx weak signal digital - Argonaut V

- node-red home control and monitor system

- with RTL-2832 dongle monitor weather station senders - also smart utility meters

- security camera with PI-cam (since replaced with a Wyze Camera)

- octopi - control and monitor 3D printer

- for Halloween, remote sound and video to/from porch pumpkin

- member database and directory preparation for local HOA

- would like to try satellite capture but guess not enough to procure the dish and lna :-(

While this is not totally PI & radio related I would be interested in seeing what others are using the PI's for?


Ray    W9EUM (former W0PFO)


On 3/28/19 10:04 AM, Fred Hillhouse wrote:

ADS-B: It receives aircraft positions, been running many years.

AIS: It receives ship positions for coastal visits, new build, need to visit coast now to test it.

AllStar (Hamvoip version): It runs just fine but I may add a radio at some point.

APRS: This is a new in-process build. Next step is making holes in my car.

APRS: portable digipeater for Go-Box

APT: It receives Automated Picture Transmissions from NOAA satellites. I need a couple of pieces to help; pre-amp, filters, improved antenna (QFH?)

File Server: Uses an attached 2T drive

Go-Box: This RPi has a PiJuice and runs JS8CALL. I still need a radio interface. Do I save time and spend money or save money and spend time? The main use is for camping but obviously portable is key so it can be used anywhere. LiFe-PO4 is the battery of choice but pricey.

Sat-Gate (2): ISS and FalconSat3; I am currently attempting this with an RTL-SDR. They likely need filters and pre-amps. Both will need an antenna. The maximum elevation is about 25 degrees for FalconSat3 at my location. A Yagi pointed south will likely work fine for it. The ISS passes overhead and needs a different solution.


Others are waiting for time … too many projects, too little time! As it is, most of the above are in some stage of build.


It would be interesting to put something together so I can use my ancient Icom IC-U82 (w/D-Star), but I think that will wait indefinitely.


Fred N7FMH



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