Re: Radios with USB audio and control

Siegfried Jackstien

for mchf you can use ONE usb cable for control AND audio

works out of the box

i use hdsdr ... and use the omirig driver (cat control setup to ft817)

and set chf soundcard as in and output in hdsdr


i am no linux guy so can not help you with your raspi ... but if you write in the mchf "forum" there are a lot of linux user with the mchf

(and the maintainer of mchf firmware andreas df8oe is also a linux guy ... grin)


digi modes with mchf ... all do work fine (example fldigi or mmsstv or multipsk)

set mchf as soundcard as input and output ... and set mchf "comport" for the cat command (rx/tx switching)


logging and clustersoftware ... all do work fine if they use ft817 cat driver


hope that helps you a bit


mchf forum here:


sigi dg9bfc

Am 11.03.2019 um 19:05 schrieb Grover Cleveland via Groups.Io:

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I'm about to set up one of my pi for ham radio but each of my radios uses usb for both audio (Radio has built in sound card) and control. Are any special drivers goingĀ  to be needed - anything that will be a gotcha? Will I have to use two usb ports with one having a sound card and the other for control? This was suggested in another post.
Radios are Icom 7200 and mcHF.
All the standard digital apps are already installed on the PI 3B
Grover K7TP

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