Re: Problem with TNC-PI96K


cd /home/pi

chmod +x pitnc_getparams

chmod +x pitnc_setparams


This will make the programs executable. 


In my case,

./pitnc_getparams /dev/serial0 0

shows me the current settings.


I am using AX25 ( ) to access the TNC-PI96K.  I was having trouble getting the thing to transmit and receive until I changed /etc/ax25/axports to


wl2k    AF9W-6          19200   255     2       Winlink – PAT


Note the 19200 speed. 


I also installed ax25-apps

sudo apt-get ax25-apps


I can use

axlisten -art

to monitor what the TNC-PI96K hears and now it is copying APRS beacons from my D710A sending at APRS96.


Now just need to get another antenna in the air so I an try to connect to a local 96K Winlink RMS.


I have not qualified for my pointy hat with the stars on it as a Linux guru but I am stumbling through with the help of Google.


Bob AF9W






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How did you start the parameters program. I downloaded and it’s unzipped in home/Pi directory. After that it said something about Chmod. There was nothing in the info as to how to get to that point.




Don va7dgp 


On Mon, Feb 18, 2019 at 10:07 Bob AF9W <af9w@...> wrote:

Ok, I am feeling stupid.  AX25 had the serial port.  Once I stopped that, all is well - almost.  Still can't receive packets but that is a simpler problem. 
Bob AF9W


Don Poaps

New Westminster, BC





Winlink: va7qu@...












Bob AF9W

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