Problem with TNC-PI96K


I am trying to get a TNC-PI96K running with PAT to create a 9600 baud Winlink. When I first installed this I could run .pitnc_getparams and pitnc_setparams and I would get results.  I turned off the Pi to try 1200baud, moved the JP1 jumper, and rebooted the Pi.  Now when I try to run ./pitnc_getparams I get an error:

pi@af9w-pat:~/tnc-x $ ./pitnc_getparams 0 0
pitnc_getparams Version
Using Serial port /dev/ttyAMA0
tty_speed: tcgetattr: Inappropriate ioctl for device

Any ideas on how to get past this or even find out what the problem is?  Is this the correct forum to ask?

Bob AF9W

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