Re: Newest update for FLdigi (4.1.00) installation/update issues

Daniel Holmes

I ran into the same issue—wasn’t disk space or anything like that—it’s something with the compiler chain running out of usable memory. I can’t remember what exact switch I had to throw, but it was either ulimit, the GPU split, or increasing swap space. And unfortunately I don’t have that Pi anymore (I sent it to my Dad for him to use).

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On Feb 11, 2019, at 10:53 AM, Levi Anderson <hancockctywvares@...> wrote:

I could see resources  running out during the make process, but I have 159.6 GB of free space .  As an update I have been able to get a few of the newer versions, but not 4.1.00.  I am thinking that the most likely issue is missing dependencies, or at least older ones.  I'm still open to ideas, but am going to continue plugging along.  Thanks for the information.

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