Compile problem SM_Teensy

César Regalado León <ea8cxn@...>

Hello, I'm trying to compile the SM_Teensy in a linux based machine.

The install of the Teensy and Arduino is ok, no problem.

I follow the TNC-PI 9k6 manual instructions, but when I compile the code, the follow message appear:


In file included from /home/cesar/Arduino/TeensyProjects/libraries/TeensyConfig/../../Soundmodem/afsk/costab.c:1:0,

                 from /tmp/arduino_build_649017/sketch/TeensyWrapper.c:11:

/home/cesar/Arduino/TeensyProjects/libraries/TeensyConfig/../../Soundmodem/afsk/costab.h:30:22: fatal error: ..\modem.h: No such file or directory


I supose that some file is not in the correct place but I change the TeensyConfig to many diferent locations and the same results...


Thank You!


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