Re: TNC-Pi9.6K to KISS TNC?

August Johnson KG7BZ

I agree with this. There are many radios that are marginal at 9600 but that would work very well at 4800. All the other 9600 modems I have require many component changes to work at 4800 but if we could change a parameter and have the Pi9.6K become a Pi4.8K, it would be excellent.

August KG7BZ

On Sat, Oct 13, 2018 at 10:40 PM Bill Vodall <wa7nwp@...> wrote:
Does it support 2400, 3600 or 4800?

This is a serious question these days where radios are more than good
enough for 1200 but won't do 9600.

Bill, wa7nwp

> You just set the first 2 digits of the speed - 96 for 9600 or 12 for 1200
> 73, John

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