Re: Compiling SM_Teensy with Arduino 1.8.7 and Teensyduino 1.44

John G8BPQ

I've Installed Arduino 1.8.7 and TeensyDuino 1.44 and am seeing the same problem.

To compile the code from tnc-x site  remove line 749 (containing }) and add a line containing just } at the end of the sketch.

I've uploaded a new version of TeensyProjects to my beta site. I've updated platform.txt and boards.txt  to match the new Arduino version. The platform.txt and boards.txt in the tnc-x  download work with the new versions but don't support some of the new features of the new complier versions.

The soundcard emulation sketches won't work with the new compiler. I'll fix that as soon as I have time.

73, John

On 14/10/2018 08:31, John Wiseman wrote:
I'm running Arduino 1.8.1 and TeensyDuino 1.35. I'll install the latest and see what happens.

73, John

On 14/10/2018 00:16, Bob NW8L wrote:
Yes, just today I downloaded your beta TeensyProjects file dated 2018-10-13 09:53.
What version of Arduino and Teensyduino are you using? Maybe that matters...

Bob NW8L

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