Re: Compiling SM_Teensy with Arduino 1.8.7 and Teensyduino 1.44

John G8BPQ


I've just downloaded both the copies from the tnc-x site and my beta downloads and both complied ok. If you downloaded my version before this morning try downloading again - there were some problems with the previous version.

73, John G8BPQ

On 13/10/2018 22:02, Bob NW8L wrote:

I built a TNC-Pi9K6 kit and tried to compile SM_Teensy in the TeensyProjects download from but ran into a linker error:

C:\Users\bobc\Documents\Arduino\TeensyProjects\libraries\TeensyConfig/TeensySound.c:118: undefined reference to `ProcessNewSamples'

This makes sense to me because ProcessNewSamples() is called by code in the TeensySound.c file. The fix seemed obvious, to declare the ProcessNewSamples() function in the SM_Teensy sketch file as having C linkage (extern "C"), like several others there.

Using the latest source downloaded from I must also do the same for AddTrailer(), displayDCD(), StopCapture() and StartCapture() which appear in the sketch file in that version.

Presumably the released code should work without modification, but I'm unfamiliar with the Arduino build system and wonder if there's something I'm missing. Yes, I am using the boards.txt and platform.txt files included with the Teensy projects.

Has anyone else run into this? 

Bob NW8L

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