Re: Running JNOS BBS on Raspberry Pi and TNC-PI

Daniel Holmes

Sorry just getting back to this, got distracted by life.

Found some basic instructions at this website (this is for JNOS 2.0):
I then copied config.h.default to a new config.h. I’d be happy to share mine if anyone’s interested, but it was pretty self explanatory.
Then I compiled it, there were a few missing libraries that it complained about, but was able to add them (Sorry I forgot to write them down, but it was something minor to do with ax25 on Linux).
Then executed JNOS, was able to attach to my Pi-TNC using KISS mode. I didn’t transmit any packets on RF, since I’m still waiting on my AMPRNet address, but I did a few tests without my radio hooked up, and I did see lights flash. I didn’t try monitoring any AX.25 frequencies, but plan to in the next week or so—I’m in the process of also getting my HF digital station up and running, and my play time is pretty limited.

Any questions, I’ll try and answer them, but it was really pretty easy to do. I’m not sure how much JNOS is still in active development, I may ask the author (at the link above) if he minds if I put the code up in Bitbucket.

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On Sep 23, 2018, at 12:18 PM, Ron Short <ron@...> wrote:

Hi Dan,

I was not able to even get that far. Is there a step-by-step sheet I could try that you know of?



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So just as a test, I grabbed the latest code I could find, edited the config.h to some sane settings, and hit ‘make’…seems to have compiled fine. Lots of warnings, but nothing major. I’ll play some more later this weekend.

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"Laugh while you can, monkey boy!" -- Lord John Whorfin

On Sep 21, 2018, at 11:33 AM, Roderick Wayne Hart Sr. <rod.hart@...> wrote:

I am also interested.

Rod Hart

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