Qt5 Libraries on RPi2

Mitch <mars@...>

Folks, if anyone does programming using Qt version 5 (Qt5), you may know how hard it is to get up to date libraries for the RPi2.  Raspbian Stretch is only up to version 5.7.1 at this point in the package repository.  The current Qt5 version is 5.11.1.  This means the tedium of compiling your own directly on the Pi or by using a cross-compiler.  I find setting up the cross-complier worse than just letting the Pi compile them, so I have a way to get that done.

I have successfully compiled the 5.10.1 libraries (not all libs, but the most important ones for a Pi) and I would be happy to share my notes if you would like them.  I used the same notes to successfully compile 5.9.6 as well.  5.11.1 has some issue in the configure script whereby it bombs out during it's build of the Makefile.

Email me if you would like a copy.


Mitch, AB4MW

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