Re: TNC PI 9k6 RX problem at 9600

Bill P.

When using raspi-config for the Pi-3 / Pi-3b+ a message responds that these models cannot be overclocked. Going into /boot/config.txt for a Pi-1 or 2 the line for overclocking is uncommented but when going into the same line for the Pi-3 the line has the speed commented out allowing the model 3 to run at its native speed.

Yes extra cooling is needed, there are $5 cooling fan and copper heat sink kits on ebay, I bought 2 of each style and installed them and also put risers under the Pi case to allow air to circulate around the bottom. I use Pi-3b+ for astro cameras which are running all night and others for WSJT-X. I am not sure how true it is but somewhere it is said the Pi will slow if it gets too hot.
Bill k6acj.

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