Re: RPi Cases

Larry Macionski

Can they hold the raspberry pi with a shield / daughter board?
I bought a Bud plastic box that holds a RPi and my TNC-pi Packet shield. Had them for 2-3 years. Red plastic.

I still would prefer a metal enclosure. They abound on the internet but none that I have seen are "double Depth" that would allow a "second story"

I did last year buy a  dozen or so of these pencil boxes, which I use. See the picture.  I have a Brother QL-700 label maker on my PC that is invaluable for jogging the memory.
I also use the "plastic shoe boxes" labeled the same.. Then there is my inventory spreadsheet... So when I need to find a 1K ohm resistor or 2N2222,  I search the spread sheet first...

My spread sheet lists the item, quantity, the box it is in  (Pencil Box X, Shoe Box X, Beer case X) and the location of the box. (Attic, hall closet, workshop)   I also have these plastic AMMO boxes -because of weight.. Mostly for AMMO though but I have 1-2 with wall warts and transformers.

So either I'm OCD or anal... but my kids will be able to provide an inventory of each box they sell at my  Estate sale for 25 cents a box..

Laugh if you want but I no longer spend hours looking for that 2N3904 that's somewhere in a box. I saw it last month.

My spread sheet is over 1800 lines long. Can you remember where 1800 items are in your house?

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