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Those values are ok.  The setting of 0 on receive merely means that the TNC itself will automatically determine the value.  That works quite well on 9600 generally.  The I2C value simply means it hasn't been set and so the default that the TNC uses (0) will be used.  So this is set up for serial operation.  

I think the problem may be with the radio.  We did not know this when we were getting this going but it seems that those Yaesu VHF/HF/UHF radios may not handle 9600 baud very well.  This is the third report I've had that someone was having issues with one of them.  It does not seem to be an issue with all Yaesu's, because for one person switching to an FT-1500 solved the problem and for another switching to an FT-8900 (if I am remembering correctly) took care of the problem.  Further experimentation might be required to determine whether there is a work around to get this radio working properly, but in the meantime I've changed the web page for this series of radios (FT-817, FT-857, FT-890) indicating that they don't seem to handle 9600 very well.

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On Sun, Aug 26, 2018 at 1:53 PM, Tadd KA2DEW in NC via Groups.Io <tadd@...> wrote:
what does the RX Level (Config) register need to be set to?   0 does’t look correct. 

09 RX Level (Config)              0
10 TX Level                      96
11 RX Level (Actual)              0
13 Centre Freq                 2550

07 I2C Address (0 = async) Hex   ff

The I2C address doesn’t appear to be rational either. 

is there an example of the registers from a working 9600 link? 

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