Re: DXSpider on the pi

Jim Thisdale

the easiest way to do this that I know of is using a GUI file manager, 2nd way is using the file manager in webmin.
if you want to do it from the command line then try this:

you could try reading the manual on the copy command: man cp

or just try this:
cd /home/sysop/
cp -R * /spider
this might also work: cp -R .. /spider

that will copy all files without a "." in them.
if there are files with periods in the filenames, you might have to run it again with *.*

the switch [-R | -r | --recursive] should copy the sub-directories recursively.

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On 2/7/13 11:50 AM, g3pjd wrote:
Has anybody tried Bill, N6WS' procedure for installing DX Spider on Raspi? I have had two attempts, the second one after re-formatting and re imaging my SD, but both attempts failed at "CP -a /home/sysop/ /spider" (my quote marks) with the error message 'cannot overwrite non-directory /spider with directory /home/sysop/'

I am running 2012-12-16 Raspbian Wheezy on a 4GB SDHC and a Pi model B.

As I am new to Debian I am somewhat at a loss (English understatement for 'clueless'!).

Any help appreciated




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