Re: Need help with TNCPI96K and ARDOP

John G8BPQ

The code should #define ARDOP if the ARDOP project is selected in the IDE, but it could be there is something different in the Mac environment. It shouldn't do any harm to add #define ARDOP to TeensyConfig.h. But you will have to change it if you want to build the Packet software.


On 04/07/2018 04:52, kc3ccd@... wrote:
I followed the instructions from the TNC and the readme file. It is tricky in the Mac since the location to place those files is not the traditional Mac folder location. It requires to display the content of the app to see those folders. I also tried moving the Teensy folder location since the instructions of the TNC say to place it on the same location where Arduino was installed. I updated the preferences accordingly but had the same result. 

I was tempted to add the define statement to see if it is a matter of not finding the header file but it seems to be finding other files on the same location so I left it alone. 

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