Benny D. Miller Jr. <w4qed@...>

ARZ all,

 I have placed a spreadsheet of a benchmark test I ran on a Pi 2B, 3B Plus and a Rock64 on my website.

http://w4qed/hamshack.info/  check out the Left Menu and click Pi-3-Class and the file is Class Pi 2/3b+/Rock6


Ben ARS w4qed

http://w4qed.hamshack.info Web-Server Pi-3B Plus
http://w4qed.hamshack.info:8008/ APRS same Pi-3B Plus
http://w4qed.hamshack.info:8086 Home Automation same Pi-3B Plus
http://w4qed/hamshack.info:8888 Emergency Shelter Web-Browser Pi-2b
http://w4qed.hamshack.info:8888/topology.internet.html same Pi-2b
https://w4qed.wordpress.com Articles Need to write more.

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