Re: Virtual Serial Port

Siegfried Jackstien

i am sure that something like a virtual serial port emulator does exist

i know (cause i use it every day) a windows app for that ... sure also a similar linux app exists


Am 12.04.2018 um 13:21 schrieb Max via Groups.Io:

I need a virtual serial port, let me explain. For some time now I have been sending weather data to aprx by using a Microchip Pic connected to a TTL to USB converter. The Pic receives the weather data from my Davis weather station and adds a kiss header so that it looks like it was received via a tnc. That data was then fed into aprx. In aprx I just added a fake tnc port and it didn't know the difference.

I'm slowing building my own weather station with sensors and python on a Pi. For now it is on a separate Pi and I'm using two TTL to USB converters connected back-to-back. First I would like to replace the serial link with a network connection if possible. If / when I get the software finished I would like to move it to the same Pi that aprx is running on and will need two virtual serial ports also connected back to back. Socat or Netcat may work but I don't know how to set this up. It must be able to pass a kiss packet unaltered.

Is all this clear as mud? 


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