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Joseph Vilardo

Hi Clint

I am working on getting a Pi 3 B,  not the B+, to operate as a ntp server on my home network.  I am using the Adafruit Ultimate GPS HAT for the gps receiver. So far I can get raw data to stream on the pi console but cant get  gpsd to work as suggested by adafruit  (

I am not using stretch lite, I am using Stretch with Pi DESKTOP.

I am very new to Linux command line operation so it is a bit of a struggle. I am looking for any suggested hints to move forward.


On 4/10/2018 10:16 PM, Clint Bradford wrote:
Hey, Joe - What are you doing with your Pi? I have GPredict satellite trackker on mine (it looks GREAT) ...
and outfitted one of my units with the SENSE HAT and camera - replicating what is aboard the International
Space Station. I show it off at my satellite presentations ... audiences love the SENSE HAT's LEDs (grin).

Any ham-related projects on your Pi on the schedule?

Clint K6LCS


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