Re: Stratum One NTP server using a RPi


You might be interested in the work being done at NW Digital Radio ( on their next generation Raspberry Pi HAT.  The HAT contains 2 DIN-6 connectors providing audio IN/OUT and PTT for operating modes such as WSJT-X, Direwolf (Packet with different modems with rates into the kilobits range), Fldigi, Digital Voice, etc.  and will contain a built-in GPS/RTC with PPS for high accuracy (STRATUM-1) time and location.

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Anyone using a RPi with a gps as a NTP server? Should work wonders for FT8, even if is total overkill. :)

I am working on one using an Adafruit gps, got it working today. Will be checking accuracy over the next few days. The biggest hassle so far is the wonky serial port/bluetooth port on the Pi.

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John D. Hays
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