Re: Stratum One NTP server using a RPi

Looks like some interest! I am using the Adafruit Ultimate GPS Breakout - 66 channel w/10 Hz updates - Version 3 and beta-tester's RPi-GPS-PPS-StratumOne github install script which is almost plug 'n play. I had problems because I was using my new RPi 3+. Communicated with beta-tester who identified my problem as BT interfering with the serial port, which is used by the gps. He promptly made a script change and added instructions to fix. But if you have a RPi 2 which is now unused, it is perfect. I have now successfully installed the software on a RPi 2, 3+, and 0. The 0 also required disabling the BT. The Adafruit Ultimate v3 seems a little deaf compared with my 2 qrp-labs QLG1 GPS Receivers. Beware that the RPi gpio pins are 3.3v, NOT 5v, and the rx/tx pins from the gps to the gpio pins must be connect rx to tx. Connect accordingly! A very simple and worthwhile project!!

Mitch W4OA

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