Re: Progress? (Long)


Hi John,

I am using the Debian wheezy image and found the screen to small

This shows settings for the configuration file
I plugged my card into windows machine and edited with programmer's file editor which recognise linux end of line unlike notepad.

Select a lower resolution for larger text and try different settings to get a full screen.

If you want more on this I'll post my file so you can see the changes I made. I assume these settings are valid for various versions of the operating system not just debian.

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Hi All!
Just a few lines to tell you what I'm up to.

Back at home I tried using it with the HDMI input on our oldish LCD TV. It isn't Full HD and the text at start-up is incredibly small and hard to read. When the desktop appears the icons are small, too. Connecting the same TV via the phono socket the text and icons are a reasonable size, but the bottom of the picture is lost ("off the screen"). This makes playing some of the Python games impossible. I was able to browse the web, though. I've also downloaded Geany, Python and Xterm following the instructions on a YouTube tutorial.
John G4EDX
Nottingham, England

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