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A Google executive was not amused at the "Drop Bear" joke.  I'll get them!
No really you nailed this.  It is the same with most ad driven sites.  Airline sites are the worst.  Use a VPN tunnel to make yourself appear to be coming from a US or UK IP address and see what changes in some.

On Fri, Feb 22, 2013 at 7:29 PM, Kerry McKenzie <kermck@...> wrote:

Greetings all
when searching out all things Rasberry PI, I quickly discovered that
all things are not equal when using google

Being in Australia my default browser windows explorer will default to
google and as a result the searches for all things rasberry pi
including retail purchases
are redirected back locally in Australia. in other words I am not
getting a true search, and found this to be the same for google hongkong
and google uk etc etc.

To get around this is a simple matter of going into tools and in the
drop down menu at the very bottom is internet options
When you click on this if you are using google as you default screen as
i am,... you will see the google url and i will guess and say that it
will automatically be defaulting to your home country.

If you change this to the country that you wish to search out of it will
look like the following this is for Hongkong this is to search out of Japan this is to search out of New Zealand

Now what the hell is he on about you might wonder??? however the
advantage is that google will favour the local area
as they get paid advertising revenue to do this.

Here is a good example of just how you can save heaps by serarching the
correct area rather than be rounded up like cattle into where google wants
you to go.

my wife was looking for a lounge suite and did the usual google search
and found one in our local area for $1800.
I got her to type in and type in the same company
where she had found the lounge suite only to find
the exact same thing from the same company chain down in Brisbane for $1300
We then contacted a freight company and could get it shipped to our door
for $150 so even with the freight taken out she still
saved herself $350 just by searching out of here country but the
redirect went to Brisbane and not Townsville.
The lesson is that the company chain will not sell the same product for
the same price across Australia

my searches for accessories for my Rasberry PI worked very much the same
way and i brought items out of china freight free
for a quarter of what it was going to cost me to buy the same thing from
the USA
I also search out of google Hongkong a lot and get some fantastic deals
that i would have otherwise missed out on.

So the moral of this is search out of different countries when looking
for your PI accessories and save yourself quite a bit of money
and time doing so,... as you can get pretty much anything.

So beware google is not google @ww
the closest google@ww I could find is in the usa and that is to search
using however it is not perfect either!

I hope this might help you find that Rasberry accessory faster and cheaper

Kind Regards
Kerry McKenzie

Mobile 041 971 4876

PO Box 4492
Kirwan QLD 4817

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