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Alan Melia

stick with it Jerry I just had the same effect but invited transfer together with my other address (not a member) so I could ascerain if it happened.. I got the error message tried again and about 30mins later got a stream of it is working but maybe congested with rats leaving the sinking ship :-))

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It’s the Yahoo invite and signup links that are broken.. Not the links

I have to invite user then that is what gets the ball rolling for the transfer.. and the Yahoo invite and signup options seems defective.. Also Googled it and it is something everyone seems to be experiencing.. Yahoo is either unable to fix, or unwilling to fix?

Time will tell… Thanks Sorry if I was not clear. 73 jerry N9LYA


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Looks like the links might have been off. This one worked for me:


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Not going well at all seems Yahoo has several issues they are not fixing. NOTE: Yahoo appears to be having problems with the large parts of Yahoo Groups. Expect delays of several days before your transfer happens, assuming Yahoo fixes these issues. Please check back here, and we'll post updates.

Cannot send an invite

Cannot receive a user sign up.. at Yahoo and need this to grant access to admin at so they cam migrate the site..


Maybe they think this is good?


I urge everyone to signup at and once this is resolved all member,  post and files etc. will be migrated.. In mean time join on here.


If you are a Moderator on this group send me an info with your user info and I will change it at

If anyone wants to be moderator at for our new Home.. Please contact me.


We will proceed as planned and see when they can complete the transfer.


Thanks Jerry


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