Re: Where are all the Moderators?

Jerome Kutche

Good morning Max.

Thanks for letting me know we had an issue.. I try to check on here 1 to 2 times a Day, unfortunately some days its less.. Most times I see everything has been approved. Did not realize we were having an issue. 
I changed the system settings. Individual Messages will no longer me moderated except new members must be approved before posting . To keep out spammers.. 
Let see how that works for us and if it improves the throughput of messages.

Thanks for your hard work and dedication to the group.

Let me know if this helps.. In mean time if anyone wants to moderate the group what should remain is just approving new members. I would open that up, but I have seen spammers and robots kill a group..

Let me know also if this action I took creates more problems..

73 Jerry N9LYA

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