Re: Raspbian Pices R3

Richard Ferryman

The current release 2012-08-16-wheezy-raspbian is a good basis but the latest firmware update is essetial. If you have not run "rpi-update" you will need to. This utility updates the firmware and related files. If you do not have the utility installed you can get instructions from The latest firmware seems to cure almost all my USB problems. I can now get all my sound devices, powered hubs and keyboards working without errors (except when RF gets into the USB cables). You still need to do the apt-get udate and apt-get upgrade afterwards to make sure your software is up to date.
Dick G4BBH

--- In, "The Silver Fox" <alan.r.hill@...> wrote:

I loaded it up on my RPI and I plugged in my Microsoft Wireless keyboard.
It was no great surprise that it doesn't play well. This isn't about that
particular problem but it sets the context for the following. I keep
getting USB resets with this release. I did not get those with other
versions of OS. The system recognizes the devices and labels them Ok but
the keyboard randomly repeats typed input until stopped. For those who
will suggest USB power, I did plug in a powered USB hub and hung the
wireless off it. No difference in behavior.


Alan - W6ARH



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