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Me too.  Hope the shopping cart had a limit on it.

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Order placed; don't yet know if I was fast enough to get in before they were gone, but at least I tried. :)

Matthew Pitts

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Subject: [Raspberry_Pi_4-Ham_RADIO] Announcing TNC-Pi: A Customized Version of TNC-X for Raspberry Pi

Hi Folks:

As has been previously mentioned on this group, John Wiseman adapted (and improved) my TNC-X firmware to create a version of TNC-X that can be plugged directly into the expansion header of a Raspberry Pi.

I'd like to give you an update on the status of this project. A small batch of the the boards for TNC-Pi (as I'm now calling it) were received a couple of weeks ago. I built one up and found that it worked great, but there were a couple of layout issues that I wanted to address before ordering a larger batch. The only real issue was that the holes for 8 of the capacitors were a little closer together than would normally be desired.

I revised the board (and made a couple of other small changes as well...mostly to clarify the parts layout) and was about to order a larger batch of boards when I discovered that Chinese New Year had started and all the board factories in China were closed down for two weeks.

Since there was going to be a delay anyway, I devoted the new found time to doing a couple of other things. First, I sent the revised board to a board house in Ireland (more expensive, but they don't celebrate Chinese New Year) for a sample to make sure I hadn't introduced any new problems while making the changes to the first board. That sample board is now in transit and I should have it in the next couple of days.

Secondly, I spent some time writing a first draft of a manual for the new TNC and a web page to permit people to order it. That task is now complete. I also kitted up the other 9 boards so they could be sold. They are now available to be ordered from the new web page. They are electrically identical to the boards that will be the "final" version. I am offering them at the introductory price of $40. That's $10 cheaper than the original TNC-X!

Given the number of people who expressed interest in this project, I expect that the first 9 will sell out fairly quickly. I will continue to take orders beyond those original nine; those orders will be filled as soon as the first large batch of boards comes in from China (in about 3 weeks). Because of the delay, I'll honor the introductory price until I have units in stock for immediate shipment. It is possible that I may be able to keep the final price at or near the introductory price... it depends on the final cost.

So if you want one immediately, here's your chance. At this time I am only announcing availability on this group. I won't post a link on the main TNC-X page or on the Coastal ChipWorks page until I have stock on hand for immediate shipment of larger amounts. This will maximize the chance that you can get one of the first nine boards.

If you are interested, see:

There is a link to the draft manual on this page. It includes a photo of one of the capacitors installed in the board so you'll see what's involved in dealing with the spacing issue.

Thanks for your patience while I gear up production.

John Hansen W2FS
Coastal ChipWorks

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