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Jerome Kutche

Hi Rob.. yes.. Thanks.. been troubleshooting this phenomenon for over a week.

Charles had suggested it was Jnos a while back.. Yet I had no way I could find to see what might be the culprit or what software was  actually involved .until I ran a lsof command and it listed jnos ...

So once I stopped JNOS the rapid filling of my 32GB card from 15 to 10-0% within a few hours has stopped. If i restart JNOS it begins again..

Some files were being made, deleted and then held open... a real PIA.. But i think if nothing else we are on track.. worse case I cannot run JNOS... 

Best Case someone can find a problem in Raspbian, JNOS or something..

73 jerry n9lya

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Silly question here:

Are you resizing the partition on your new 32GB card?  The default image is sized for a 4GB card, IIRC.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, run “raspi-config —expand-rootfs” (without the quotes), or simply “raspi-config” and select the resize option in the menu.

Rob / KG7HIZ
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If you want to send me the jnos config and setup etc off list I’ll run it here and see. Hard to tell through email, but I can run it here and try to help.





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Testing proves it is NOT jnos .as the actual cause.

I was running 2.0j7v tried 2.0j7 and problem remained.

With that said and no idea how to stop it.

Except to leave JNOS not running.


Thanks for everyone's help..


73 Jerry N9LYA

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