Re: [SPAM]RE: [SPAM]Re: P2 running URONODE and JNOS

Jerome Kutche

Only thing unique to it IS JNOS.... I am letting it sit and checking jnos
again as u suggested.. All the others run Uronode and FBB... Hum... Wills ee
if it is growning

root@raspberrypi:/# du /home/nos
712 /home/nos/help
4 /home/nos/spool/signatur
128 /home/nos/spool/help
60692 /home/nos/spool/mail
16 /home/nos/spool/mqueue
4 /home/nos/spool/rqueue
70256 /home/nos/spool
4 /home/nos/public
4 /home/nos/finger
22124 /home/nos/logs
105376 /home/nos
root@raspberrypi:/# df73 jerry

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Hello Jerry,

Your space seems to be increasing on the / (root) parition so running
additional "df" commands isn't going to get you more answers. You say the
log files look ok (I assume you're using the "du /var/log/" command but the
/var/log/node file at 15MB is very large. Also.. you included a view into
/var/tmp but what about /tmp?

The screen capture infers you might be running Jnos and/or Uronode. If you
periodically run "du /jnos" (or where ever you installed Jnos) say every 15
minutes, is that directory getting bigger?

What is might be running on this Rpi that's unique to it?




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