Re: Puppy on a RPI 2+

Marty Hartwell

On 05/03/2016 10:29 AM, David Ranch
[Raspberry_Pi_4-Ham_RADIO] wrote:

Hello Marty,

I hadn't even considered a bad port on the Pi
It happens.. after all, what do you expect for $35?

I did test the cable and continuity tested good, however I
did try another one just in case, I didn't think there would be a
difference, I had use a different cable before with the same results
Continuity tests aren't nearly enough to really test an Ethernet cable
as there is so much more to Ethernet than that. I assume the other
cable you tried was from a computer that was already working? It has
all 8 conductors in the RJ45 connector, etc?
Yes working fine on a laptop that is being used as shack computer
currently running fldigi, flrig and
recently compiled Flnet and trying to see if I can figure it out, the
flnet manual is a little confusing to me
right now but I should be able to get it down.

But from past experience I am not sure I want to try to work with the
Yeah.. I don't blame you

technical support. I will just purchase a USB wi-fi of my own, I
probably will want one anyway eventually.
Please note that the Raspberry Pi series of little computers can be
rather sensitive to the various wireless adapters out there as well as
their power draw. I would personally recommend that you connect any
wireless adapter through a POWERED usb hub. A good place to start for
wireless adapters is say:

another excellent list of validated devices (USB, SD cards, etc) is:

I have started on setting up this Pi and compile Fldigi and it's suite
of code to try a small compact digital
station, I not sure that I can do any better than just a small laptop
could but it will be somewhat fun anyway.
Yup.. there are lots of people on that are
doing this. That would be the best place to get Fldigi help.
Yes I am a member there too.

I am one of those few people that don't mind doing trouble shooting on
PC's or rigs, I usually learn a lot more
if it doesn't go so smoothly the first few times.
That's absolutely the best approach. Linux is very flexible and
powerful, built by volunteers but with all that comes complexity a

Thanks for your help here, I may end up getting another Pi sometime
later, and see if that one works on my
cable network, but I won't hold my breath, now that the Pi 3 is out I
may run into a cheap Pi2 if so I will try it .
Yes.. very true and Rpi v3 has built-in Wifi. Btw, being a HAM,
you'll appreciate this but that little Wifi antenna on the Rpi v3
would be no match for say an USB Wifi dongle like:
Yes that looks nice, and I wonder if a person could use one of those and
connect a Pi through a mesh network.
That might be a nice thing to try on one of our SET exercises sometime.
I will have to ask our resident mesh
experts we have in the club.

Well going up to run those other commands you wanted see results from


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