Re: Puppy on a RPI 2+

Brian D Heaton

A better question might be if you get IPv6 addresses on the wifi connection and if the NAT is treated differently. I've seen some strangeness with provider IPv6 (mainly Comcast on Comcast-provided modem/router combos).

Cranking up the packet size on pings to the local gateway is a good first step. Since the same packet sizes were used in earlier pings from the RPI to the gateway (wired - works) and to (beyond the router - doesn't work), I will be surprised if the "-s 1500" pings to the gateway fail.

This issue smells like a routing/NAT issue with a dash of IPv6 strangeness.


On 5/2/2016 19:30, David Ranch dranch@... [Raspberry_Pi_4-Ham_RADIO] wrote:

Wow.. that's rather interesting Marty!  I don't know what to say other than either you have a bad ethernet port or a bad ethernet cable.  I have ONCE seen a similar issue with a bad ethernet cable where pings would work but FTP would not.  Strange as it sounds, it was very reproducible.  Just for giggles on your WIRED connection, try the following command that sends PING pings:

   ping -s 1500

Does that work?


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