Re: Puppy on a RPI 2+

Marty Hartwell

Hi David and those watching this play out.

I have had a couple ask if I had tried a USB WI-FI to see if it worked.
Since I don't have one I hadn't tried it.
I borrowed one from a friend and it started working once I selected the
network SSID, and entered the pass code.
This on both the Raspian OS and the Ubuntu Mate OS. So I was able to do
the apt-get update for both OS's.
Once I did that just to see if anything had changed I shutdown and
pulled the WI-FI and plugged in the cable
again and tried, I still can't ping the subnet nor go anywhere
off my personal LAN, so the issue is still
there, however I at least now can move ahead.
I still would like to find out what is wrong with the wired network.
I guess I will be in the market for a USB network interface.


On 04/30/2016 05:28 PM, David Ranch
[Raspberry_Pi_4-Ham_RADIO] wrote:

Hello Marty,

Considering that you already have Linux machines running on your
network will help troubleshooting immensely. When you get home, I
encourage you to run all the same commands that you've been running on
your trouble RPI on a working Xubuntu 14.04 machine. This should
help narrow things down and clarify differences.

First I didn't mean to mislead you but somehow I managed it, I don't
have a windows system on the
the network but, I can reboot one on XP to get the information you
requested. All of the systems in
regular use here at present are Linux Xubuntu 14.04 LTS. I do have one
system desktop that is only
currently serving as a print server for the other two laptops, the old
one on the ham shack, and this
one on the main level connected by wi-fi. My wife has a laptop that also
prints through the wi-fi all
are using what ever Xubuntu 14.04 uses for networking.
Ok.. I don't know why you're mentioning things like print servers,
etc. but one thing isn't clear.. the actual network connections
(physical or wireless):

1. one computer that's dual boot linux and XP
2. one desktop that's a print server
3. one laptop in the hamshack
4. one laptop in the main level
5. wife's laptop via Wifi

Machine #5 is wireless but how do machines 1,2,3,4 get their network?
Wireless or Wired? Where is the Rpi in this list? What is creating
the Wifi for your Comcast based network? Is it the Comcast device
itself or some other "wireless router"? This detail could matter.


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