Error message on Rpi 2 B+

Marty Hartwell


I have mentioned here before about this error message, not a quote but
"Error domain not found" while searching
for something like Google. In searching the web for the exact message I
have gone to the Raspberry forum and
found reference that leads me to think the domain name server isn't found.
I have reloaded my Rpi with the last two releases of Jessie and going to
load the third and believe this will not help
During the load of the software OS using Noobs I have the network
connected and the mouse & keyboard and have
set my keyboard to US. During the installation I would think with the
network connected the DNS should be set in
the setup configuration file. I have never been able to connect to a web
page from my Rpi. I can go to my router
admin page and log in and look at information there so the network
connection is working, and I can ping as root
to the other PC's connected by cable in the room, I haven't tried to
ping any of the wifi connected PC's.

Any ideas of what in fact is wrong, looking at the forum suggestions is
like a shotgun of ideas and nothing has helped
in looking at certain setup files under the /etc folder, as the
suggestion is look and resolv.conf file but nothing on what
should be found there, yes there is information there but is it right
who knows?

I will keep looking.

Marty kd8bj

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