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danny garvin

Hi all
  I just joined the group as well I ordered my RP from Allied on 7/3 and just got it this morning. Can't wait to start playing with it.
73 Danny WB9RIM

From: Javier Henderson
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On Aug 27, 2012, at 9:32 AM, kd6oat <> wrote:

> Hi everyone. I ordered my RPi from Allied Electronics in June and was told it would "despatch" within 11 weeks. I hope it is sooner than that.

Seems that for those of us in the USA, Newark/Element14 is the best choice. I ordered mine on August 5th, and got it the following week. I've been running a tx igate with it, plus a TNC-X, for a couple of weeks now, and quite happy with it.

-jav k4jh

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