Re: Raspberry Pi 3 Old Image

Jerome Kutche

I just did just that with no issues…  I am back up and running what I had on my Pi 2 just 30 minutes ago…  I did the same thing going from a Older Pi to the PI2 I followed these instructions… only after going from the arm6l to the arm7l the device reported the correct arm7l  I have read this is just not in the firmware yet.. Should come soon..


What I did is before moving

Make a complete image file using dd saved it to a harddrive.. Then


I did apt-get update

apt-get upgrade



after reboot shutdown –h now

Powered down

Removed card

Inserted in Pi3 applied power and ssh’d in like normal..

Inside the NEW PI… (I did not see anything get changed, by any of these steps below)

I ran

Apt-get update

Apt-get upgrade




I read that the Commands to ID the CPU will still show an arm7l not the arm8l We need the RPI-UPDATE  guys to build a arm8l version.


I think this is going to be a nice Raspberry pi.. Again as stated in earlier email.. It is good to see them make fixes to know problems, even though I never had any issues with the micro sd cards.. They truly listen…!!!

73 jerry n9lya


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I was hoping that I could just update my raspberry Pi on my Pi 2 and then put the SD card in the Pi 3. But I can't get it to boot.
Installed a new image from the Pi web site and that works. Now I have to install my applications again?
Any advice?

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