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Jerome Kutche

It holds it well.. Very well.. Why I asked instead of assuming it was broken.. J Just does not have the press and eject function on mine.. But does slide in and I cannot shake it out at all.. Seems like just a different holder.. ???? Would like opinions just to see if its normal… Works great..


Just got this back from the Canakit group.. Excellent!!!


Hi there,


Thanks for your order.  In the Pi 3, they have changed the MicroSD mechanism.  The Pi 2 had a relatively large number of defects due to the MicroSD card slot breaking or not retaining the card, and so they have changed this part in the Pi 3 and what you described is as designed.


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So far

1)      There is no Firmware update for Raspbian (rpi-update) that allows it to ID the CPU as am arm8l Yet.

2)      Seems much faster.. 

3)      I do not know how to see if it knows it has the wifi or Bluetooth adapter.. I have reading to do..

4)      Fits perfectly in my Pi2 enclosure

5)      I am off to order more…

73 jerry


Another email coming from me..


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I've read it's a different mechanism so I think it's normal.   Is it not providing a secure hold of the microSD card?


On 03/01/2016 11:23 AM, 'Jerry Kutche' n9lya@... [Raspberry_Pi_4-Ham_RADIO] wrote:


My New Pi 3 is here… Nice.. First thing I noticed..

The Micro SD card Slot takes the card ok but not seem to lock in place like the Pi 2


If anyone else has one please let me know if this is normal.. The holder looks like it might be different???


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