Re: raspberry pi 3 sighted

Jerome Kutche

Pi 3 power recommendation 5.2VDC 2.5AH


You will need THIS if you power out your USB Devices,,, If you use a powered Hub then you could get away with less..


A lot of partial info going around.. Thought I would silence the myth.. And I have only been researching this for 3 hours 18 hours ago.. J


Mine arrives TODAY hope to see some nice improvements..



73 Jerry N9LYA




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I read some about the PI 3 at They say 2.5 Amps, not 5.2  could the spec be a dyslexic typo?

#2.. To answer my own question regarding Windoze 10 right from the site:


"The February 2016 Insider Preview for Windows 10 IoT Core. The most recent available image.

Only available to Windows Insiders, and compatible with Raspberry Pi 2, Raspberry Pi 3, MinnowBoard Max and DragonBoard 410c*."

Larry W8LM

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