Re: New member hoping to get some advice.

John G8BPQ


You could use FLdigi on a PI2 (the older Pi is a bit short of CPU power for
it), but even though sound card data modes are improving none will provide
the performance of your Pactor 3 controller. Also FLdigi doesn’t have any
modes that are supported by Winlink.

I’m not familiar with paclink-unix, but you could use LinBPQ to provide
broadly the same facilities as Airmail.

John G8BPQ

Sent: 31 January 2016 07:18
Subject: [Raspberry_Pi_4-Ham_RADIO] New member hoping to get some advice.

Hi folks,
Before I get to my question, here is a little background... I have been
living aboard my sailboat, now in Italy, for the past six years and have
ditched my windows computer in favor of RPi's running Rapbian Jessie - and I
love them.  I have three on a network: one for internet browsing, email, and
NFS server, one for navigation running OpenCPN; and the last one will be for
Ham communication. (If my wife lets me I will get another as a media

My call sign is VA3HOB and I have an ICOM M802 and a Pactor IIUSB with
pactor 3 upgrade.  Under windows I was running Airmail to use the Winlink
system and was very happy with the performance of the modem to communicate
with other hams, send/receive emails, make position reports, and download
grib files while crossing the Atlantic.  Since I live on a boat, power
generation is limited to solar panels, a wind generator, and t he engine, so
I don't have the radio constantly in use and keep to the necessary functions
described above, primarily when I don't have internet access.

My technical skills are strong with programming experience, but I am new to
unix. I am aware that I could install paclink-unix and keep working my
Pactor modem, but am wondering if there is something better.  I have looked
into Fldigi but am not sure if I can use it with my modem.  Should I install
Fldigi, as well, and does it work well enough with the internal soundcard?
Do I even need the modem?  

The learning curve is steep, but I have on my crampons!

Thanks in advance,

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