Re: Raspberry Pi in stock at

Ronny Julian <k4rjjradio@...>

I just got mine delivered Friday from MCM.  As far as I know they have no limit.  Got a PS and a clear case for about $68 delivered.

I just know I'm going to have $400 in this "cheap" computer after all is running.  Ohh well it will all be inside the go box and running on DC with the radios.  No wall warts to plug into a noisy inverter then into a gen set.
I plan to have most everything running on a solar bank and a 110AH gel cell.  We will see!

I'll check out that maker site as well.  Thanks!


On Fri, Jan 18, 2013 at 11:11 PM, perryc <canoeman@...> wrote:

The model b 512mb is now in stock, and available at the electronics maker site,, with a max of ten units each, per order.
I just grabbed 6.


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